Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Photo Of The Week: In a mobile society

In a constantly changing and mobile society, you can still find things that never change, or even move for that matter. I call this photo, "I'm still here." It's "living" proof that you don't have to move around to know your place in the world. This guy is making the best of life, and maintains his perpetual smile. You can find him watching passers by and greeting residents of the boathouse community at Mission Creek in Mission Bay, San Francisco. You can see more interesting photos on my website:

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Photo Of The Week: I guess trees love rain

There haven't been many weekend days of sun in the last few months. There was one about three weeks ago when I photographed an oak tree in Twelve Bridges within a half hour of the sunrise. The grass was green and tall from all the recent rain, and the tree had reached the budding stage, but no leaves had sprouted yet. That photo is featured on the Welcome page of my website. This past Saturday, after more than another week of rain, the sun broke in late afternoon, so I went up to the same hill in Twelve Bridges to catch a sunset shot of the same tree from a different angle. I three weeks of rain, the tree has fully bloomed. I guess trees love rain. You can see more sunrise and sunset photos on my website: