Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Photo of the Week: It's a walled, walled world

People do strange things in the name of progress. Some old buildings in San Francisco go back to the turn of the century. South of Market, in the South Beach district, many of these brick buildings have been rehabilitated while retaining remnant character from the past. In "Window On The Walled," what was once likely a view of the San Francisco waterfront, a bustling hub of commercial activity, is now a window to nowhere. Does this inspire you? Do you still find beauty in this? This scene inspires me as an interesting subject in color, light, texture, and uniqueness. But I'm equally disappointed that the window has been closed. See more inspired photos at outdoorscenics.com.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Photo of the Week

Sometimes the beauty of nature is enhanced by the work of man. The Club Regina in Cabo San Lucas is a place of man made beauty. It's architecture, colors, and location at the beautiful Sea of Cortez, clear sunny days, warm and pleasant evenings with gentle breezes inspired me as a photographer to capture scenes that displayed visual intensity and excitement. At the end of this day, when the guests have left the pool, only the elements, man made and natural, remained in a proud stature of harmony. See more photos of Cabo San Lucas and other areas of beauty and color at my website: outdoorscenics.com.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Photo of the Week

Sharp Park golf course is located next to the ocean in Pacifica, California. It opened in 1932, and was designed by famous golf course designer, Alister Mackenzie, best known for designing the Augusta National Golf Course, where the Masters Tournament is played. I walk by this golf course almost every morning, and as the weather conditions are always changing, the scene is always different. On this particular morning, as the sun began to light the fairways through the morning fog, everything felt soft and peaceful, and washed in equally soft but rich color. Morning photography is so rewarding! See more photos of the Pacific Coast and other areas at my website: outdoorscenics.com.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Photo of the Week

July 4th weekend: Heading North on Highway 89 from Truckee, about halfway to Sierraville, I came across this falling down barn and cattle pen. I was inspired by contrasts of color and texture and the vertical elements of trees, barn siding, fence posts, and grass against the expanse of the sky, hills, meadow, and fence line. The scene, in the open meadow of a working cattle ranch, is near the banks of the Little Truckee River which meanders along the base of the mountains in the background.
See more photos of the Sierra foothills and Lake Tahoe region at my website: outdoorscenics.com.